Winter Fairy Gardens & More

Dear Garden Sparklers, I hope you are all faring well this winter! Before time gets away on me I’d love to share some winter treats with you all. A collection of winter themed bits and pieces I have gathered along the way this season. So, make yourself a nice hot cuppa (because Scilla Fairy says so….yes right now!) before you read any further ….. (click on pic for recipe)

Hot Chocolate Recipe
Fablehaven Hot Chocolate with Fairy Cream image and recipe credit: Mirlandra’s Kitchen.

Now to make  sure you are warm and snuggled up……. here’s something special… Just had to share this! If you have your own fire place and love the aroma of coffee then this treat is for you! Has anyone heard of a coffee fire log? Coffee lovers click on the pic for the instructions.

How to make a coffee fire log. Image credit and instructions via

As you know, throughout July this year the East coast of Australia  experienced some rather unusual icy cold weather…snow flurries and chills sent straight up from Antarctica! Being a tropical girl (born and bred in Far North Queensland and Papua New Guinea), snow is still very much a novelty to me. So much so that whilst I lived and taught in Finland a few years back, every chance I had I literally played in the snow and I’m talking ‘snow angels’ any chance I could get (the other Kindergarten teachers thought I was a bit odd…) ha ha! Here’s sneak peak at those playful days in Finland… (yes that’s me in the blue!)

Winter in Finland

So when I saw this recent photograph of the QLD/NSW border, as you can imagine I grew very excited! I had heard ‘Winter is coming’….and well this year it really has come! Of course the fairies (being so intune with the workings of nature) had advance warning and were well rugged up and prepared for the snow!

Image credit: Josie Carter via Higgins Storm Chasing

Check out these fabulous winter fairy gardens!

Fairy garden and image credit: Donna Minto
Fairy_Garden (1)
The fairy village in Ann Arbor is overwhelmed.


Image credit: Flea Market Gardening

I love the way Elf fairy is featured in this quaint winter garden created by Barbara Lee. He really is a cheeky and mischievous little fellow but brings with him a magical air of enchantment!

Miniature Garden and image by BARBARA LEE ,
Miniature Garden and image by BARBARA LEE ,

If you  would like to share photographs of your magical winter fairy garden please email them through to [email protected] so that they can be added to this blog or shared on our facebook page.

Now…if you don’t fancy snowy, wintery fairy gardening because it’s just too cold outside then make your own snow dough indoors! Check out this fun Frost Fairy – Small World activity. It can provide a wonderful sensory experience for the kiddies and great fun for the whole family! (click on the image and it will take you through to the Still Playing School blog and variations of the recipe).

frost-fairy-periwinkle-small-world-snow-dough (1)
Image credit : Still Playing School,


Make the most of the magical snow while it lasts folks!

Until next time,

Fairy Kate xxx