Customer Spotlight: Vintage Suitcase Fairy Garden

Dearest Garden Sparklers & fairy gardening fans,

I’d like to present to you our fourth Customer Spotlight! Read on and be inspired by Elise and Lucy’s divine fairy garden in a vintage suitcase! At the end of the post you’ll find a special offer on the fairy garden kits she’s used.

Love Fairy Kate xx


My daughter discovered her very first fairy garden at her beautiful childcare centre. It was a gorgeous fairy garden in a small wooden wine box with a little fairy sand pit and a house made out of colourful popsicle sticks. Since then my daughter has been dreaming of having her very own fairy garden at home. We researched together, especially on the internet, to find the best supplier and our favours went very soon to Garden Sparkle. The website was well laid out and Lucy was able to easily choose what she wanted.  A lot of discussions followed  our very first order. Lucy and I agreed that she could choose some of the products from Garden Sparkle, but I would design the fairy garden which would be a surprise for her birthday.

One evening My partner and I made time to have a go at our very first fairy garden. We decided on an old vintage suitcase for our container and artificial plants with preserved reindeer moss. The design just flowed . It was easy to move items around to create the perfect setting and then fill in pathways and areas with pebbles, stones, moss rocks and preserved reindeer moss. We had so much fun making it!


 It was like time stood still  for a while allowing us to connect with the magical fairy world, listening to their wishes for their new houses to take shape. We wanted a little garden that Lucy could play with during the day and also at night, whilst I am cooking dinner for instance.
As we are novices at fairy gardening we decided to keep it simple on our very first try and opted for two beautiful fairy garden kits. The Rainbow Fairy Garden Kit (we fell in love with the little house with LED lights!) and the Fairytale Garden Kit (with it’s magic boot house and opening front door). But I admit the activity becomes quite addictive and I now have heaps of other fairy garden ideas blossoming in my mind!

We added little fairy lights to create a magical ambiance at night.
It was divine seeing the sparkle of the world in my daughter’s eyes when she discovered her present. She has only seen the fairy houses online and now, it became a reality.
Lucy plays in her special fairy garden every day. All sorts of magical conversations and stories have evolved from this.
My first order, came with only one fairy and one dog. Soon my daughter kindly asked if she could get more fairies to play with…..guess what? Our second order has just arrived yesterday…and so our family fairy gardening adventure continues!
I hope you enjoyed our fairy garden in an old fashioned suitcase!
Elise 🙂
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