Unicorns in the Kitchen! 19 Great Unicorn-themed Recipes!

It’s no secret that all of us here at Garden Sparkle LOVE unicorns! We love anything to do with their sparkly, rainbow goodness. We’ll take your unicorn shaped cushions, fluffy stuffed unicorns, tights with unicorns shooting rainbows, even a bit of unicorn poop!

But there’s nothing better than a bit of unicorn sugary goodness! I’ve rounded up some of the best unicorn-themed baking recipes and am so excited to share them with you today.

Unicorn Bark

Let’s start with some rainbow Unicorn Bark! So sweet and sparkly!

Rainbow Fudge

Rainbow Fudge - Garden Sparkle
How do you make fudge even better? Add some food colouring! Every unicorn loves some rainbow fudge!

Unicorn Bars

Unicorn Bars - Garden Sparkle
Oh these definitely look like something a unicorn would eat! Doesn’t that frosting look exactly like a fluffy cloud?!

Unicorn Cookies

Unicorn Cookies - Garden Sparkle
Perfect cookies for any unicorn-themed party! Or even just a Unicorn Wednesday 🙂

Unicorn Balls

Unicorn Balls - Garden Sparkle
Little balls of happiness! Would love one of these for an afternoon treat right now.

Unicorn Yoghurt Plate

Unicorn Yoghurt Plate - Garden Sparkle
For something a little bit healthier I love this unicorn yoghurt plate! So creative and yummy.

Unicorn Cupcakes

Unicorn Cupcakes
Back to sugary goodness! Find out how to decorate these sweet little unicorn cupcakes.

Rainbow Unicorn Cookies

Rainbow Unicorn Cookies - Garden Sparkle
Don’t these cookies look amazing!? Plus they look rather simple to decorate (the link is in German but the instructions are still fairly clear when you use Google Translate)

Unicorn Horn Muddy Buddies

Unicorn Horn Muddy Buddies - Garden Sparkle
Puppy Chow or Muddy Buddies aren’t really something we have in Australia but these look amazing!

Unicorn Poop Cookies

Unicorn Poop Cookies - Garden Sparkle
Yes, that is a Unicorn Poop Cookie! A cookie with a little added magic 🙂

Unicorn Poop Truffles

Unicorn Poop Truffles - Garden Sparkle
More Unicorn Poop – this time in the form of truffles. I have to admit that white chocolate coating is calling to me!

Rainbow Sandwich Bread

Rainbow Sandwich Bread
Even sandwiches aren’t boring when unicorns are around! How great would your simple cheese sandwich be on this wonderful bread?!

Unicorn & Shooting Star Macarons

Unicorn & Shooting Star Macarons - Garden Sparkle
These are hands down the most adorable macarons I have ever seen! The link even includes templates and instructions for you to make your own.

Unicorn Cake Topper

Unicorn Cake Topper
I need to make a cake so I can make this adorable unicorn! The instructions make it look so easy I might just have to make one to keep at home 🙂

Mini Rainbow Doughnuts

Mini Rainbow Doughnuts - Garden Sparkle
Mini & Rainbow = two words that makes doughnuts even better!

Rainbow Chex Mix

Rainbow Chex Mix - Garden Sparkle
Like Puppy Chow we don’t see a lot of Chex Mix here in Australia. But I really couldn’t go past this! How deliciously naughty does it look?!

Pastel Rainbow Marshmallows

Pastel Rainbow Marshmallows - Garden Sparkle
You can’t fool me. Those aren’t marshmallows. They are quite obviously little clouds from Unicorn Land!

Unicorn Farts

Unicorn Farts - Garden Sparkle
You’ve eaten some unicorn poop, now for some unicorn farts! These meringues do look delicious…

Magic Unicorn Cupcakes

Rainbow Magic Unicorn Cupcakes - Garden Sparkle
I save these for last because… wow! I can’t decide what I like best about these; the rainbow frosting, rainbow cake or the special surprise of Nerds inside!

And of course, if you are feeling extra creative you could always bake a cake like this one by the Tattooed Bakers

Unicorn Cake - Garden Sparkle

Happy Baking!

💕 Fairy Kate