Spring Fairy Gardening


Buds are swelling, spring flowers are blooming, and the air blesses us with that wonderful scent of joy and new growth.  There is a freshness all around. The energy has shifted, and all life is beginning again. In Fairyland… gardens are being refreshed, new paths paved and the remains of winter are being dusted off. Teenie tiny wheelbarrows are being filled with fresh Spring soil. Young seedlings are planted and tended with love, care and blessings. Laughter and delight ring out across the valleys…the change of the seasons brings celebrations, feasting, gardening and play.

Here are some tips on how to invite Spring into your fairy garden..

Freshen up an already existing fairy garden or start a new one by planting some Spring flowers also referred to as ‘potted colour’. Visit your local nursery and take your pick. For my Spring fairy garden I chose my favourites: petunias (pictured below), Cottage Colour – Calibrachoa and Variegated Sedum for ground cover.

Refresh the pebbles in your fairy garden with these fun colours!

Left-Right: Green frost, lavender frost, fairy river stones, pink frost

Create a sanctuary with beautiful blooms, make a heart felt wish, sprinkle a pinch of magic dust and the fairies will come!

Incorporate some precious fairy garden accessories

Left – right: Sheet moss, pink rose picks, flower top gazebo and love heart mugs set/2.


Invite fairies for a visit ..

Such as the Rose Fairies left-right: Fairy Lina, Fairy Jenny, Fairy Elle, Fairy Nixie and Fairy Bell.

Delight the fairies with a Spring time playground!

Incorporate miniature playground equipment such as (Clockwise from top left): Fairy Slippery Slide, Sunflower Seesaw, Mini Hopscotch.

And welcome the baby Spring animals in for fun!

Left – right: Little lamb (std), Little Ducklings, Friesian Calf, Cheeky Chicks, Cutie Pie Piglet


Your Spring fairy garden will change over time… fairies will come and go…along with their animal friends..

And still precious moments of peace will be enjoyed…

You’ll find our Spring Playground collection available in-store at our gift shop at 54 Shields Street, Cairns City as well as online HERE. Happy Spring fairy gardening!