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Tickled Pink Fairy Garden Kit


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With this gorgeous ‘PINK’ fairy garden kit you’ll find yourself day dreaming on the lawn with a pink fairy, petting little  pink unicorn, drinking cups of pink tea, helping out on pink laundry day, smiling at the pink flowers, chasing kitty cat over mossy mounds and tip toeing along a frosted pink pebbled path that leads to an enchanted pink fairy door. Perfect for setting up in a pot plant with diameter of 50 – 55cm.

Please note: The shade of pink used for the fairy door may vary from that featured in the stock image due to the nature of handmade process.



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This Limited Edition kit contains:

1 x Pink fairy door with a magical mini keys
1 x Pink fairy
2 x Mini pink fences
1 x Mini pet (assorted)
1 x Pink unicorn foal
2 x Pink mini mushroom garden stakes
1 x Patch of faux grassy lawn (can be cut and shaped with scissors)
1 x Moss rock
1 x Pink flamingo
1 x Pot of flowers as available
1 x Jar of pink fairy dust
1 x Pink tea cup and saucer
1 x Mini clothes line
3 x Mini pegs
3 x Pink laundry items (assorted)
1 x Packet of pink pebbles
1 x Packet of natural river stones
Blessed with love and fairy sparkles and packaged in a gift box.
p.s. Please note that this kit does not include rocks, faux moss, plants or a pot.
© Garden Sparkle

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Weight 0.200 kg
Dimensions 22.5 x 17.5 x 8.5 cm

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