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The Rainbow Unicorn Starter Kit 2018

Unicorn Garden Starter Kit


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Tickle the imagination and welcome the enchantment of the unicorns into your home and garden with the ‘Unicorn Garden Starter Kit’.  This kit contains all the items you need to create a magical nook for mama unicorn and her bub. Suggested additions to this kit: The Solar Unicorn Stables, extra rainbow unicorn accessories. 

All items have been hand picked by Fairy Kate in order to open up more possibilities in your fairy garden. Enjoy!

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The Rainbow Unicorn Garden Kit contains:

1 x Rainbow mama unicorn (standing in various positions)

1 x Rainbow unicorn bubba  (standing in various positions)

2 x Red mushroom picks

1 x Wood cookie for a table top

1 x Jar of unicorn blessing dust

1 x Jar of non-edible rainbow unicorn feed in a little bottle.

2 x Pieces of fluffy angel cake with rainbow icing

1 x Rainbow picket fence 45 cm

1 x Small pack of rainbow pebbles

1 x Small pack of fairy river stones

Packaged in a Garden Sparkle box and topped off with a generous sprinkling of fairy light and love!

p.s. Please note that this kit does not include a pot, pebbles, soil, rocks, faux moss or plants.

Original design by Garden Sparkle

© Garden Sparkle 2018

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Weight 0.250 kg
Dimensions 22 x 17 x 8.5 cm

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