Spooky Halloween Fairy Garden


B is for broomsticks witches to fly,
O is outrageous spooks that go by,
O is for orange pumpkins so bright,
These are the signs of a Halloween night.

(Author unknown).

As Halloween draws near I beckon you a little closer… to take a peek at these spooky and kooky possibilities and I invite you to bring the fun of Halloween into your fairy garden this year!

First off I started by getting crafty as I always like to add handmade elements to my fairy gardens.

I painted some magic stepping stones. I used our Magic Garden Stones and decorated them with artist’s acrylic paint in fun witchy colours. Two coats were needed for a nice opaque finish. I then sprayed these with a matt acrylic varnish spray.



I couldn’t resist adding a  touch of autumn ..


I wove a garland of miniature autumn leaves through the Magical Woodland Arch to create the perfect flaming entrance way to my Halloween fairy garden.


So welcome….


An enchanted pumpkin fairy house….and a whole lot of Halloween fun!

Step on through…. Baby Dragon Norbert is here all dressed up in his Halloween costume…(hee hee hee….he’s a dressed as a mummified dragon..lol)…


A friendly ghosts ogling at his remarkable form in a magic mirror…

Halloween mail just arrived…

And someone’s been digging up the graveyard…



A wise old owl…a witch’s familiar…

Halloween treats…

Stripey stepping stones infused with magic charms…

And spooooooooky encounters….


A bewitching black cat….

Magic polka-dot stepping stones…

Giggling ghouls…

A witch’s broom stick…

And a basket of Halloween treats!




You too can create your very own Halloween fairy garden. You’ll find all these goodies and more in our themed section HERE. Happy Creating! Happy Halloween!

Love Fairy Kate xx