Hayley’s Fairy House Making Party

Written and experienced by  Hayley (7), Chanel (8) and Violet (8)

Note from mummy: My children have always loved exploring the garden and adding the magic of a fairy garden has been a wonderful experience for both my son and daughter. Last year we were visited by a few fairies – Tiffany and Seth. They wrote to us using our very special fairy letter box.   

My children were inspired to create their own fairy houses. They were unable to attend Garden Sparkle’s Fairy House Workshops, so we asked Grandpa to help. He prepared a set for us out of natural materials so that we could construct it ourselves, add our own ideas and make a special place for our fairies.

Hayley Sharing the Magic

Very excited, I invited my friends over, so we could all make our own. We built the structure first and then we added our craft items. Here are some of the photos of our finished creations.

My brother wanted to make one too and his boy fairies from the garden got to have a ride on his road that is though the fairy tree house.

How to make a fairy house

At school we have been learning how to write procedures, so we wrote a special one for our fairy houses.


  • 2 pieces of wood shaped in a square
  • 1 small tree stump
  • 2 long sticks
  • 4 short sticks
  • 1 plastic bottle
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • Fairy decorations
  • 1 glue gun (under adult supervision)


  1. First, glue the small tree stump anywhere on the first wooden square
  2. Glue the other square on the top
  3. Get two long sticks and glue them to connect to the 2 squares
  4. Get four short sticks and glue them on the long sticks like a ladder
  5. Cut a plastic bottle in half and glue the bottom or top of the bottle on the top square
  6. Decorate! Have fun!

We used lots of recycled things like old bottles and wood they are very handy for building. This demonstrates how you can recycle old things.

Finding our Fairy Home

All of us have some very special fairy gardens. Here is where our new fairy houses reside. Thank you Garden Sparkle for all the inspiration and making more magic as we spend time with our friends.


The End