Fairy Garden Tour

Tip toe quietly…..and shhhhh….you might just spy a fairy in Ann Baker’s fairy garden. Watch your step and come along on a little tour of her magical fairy garden.

First up…Welcome to Tree Trunk Mansion. Take note of the beautiful wooden fairy door, miniature stone work and landscaped gardens.


Here’s a snap shot which Ann took way back at the very beginning when she had just started this incredible project. The fairy door had just been mounted on the tree trunk.


Now returning to the present take a closer look. Who do you think lives behind each magical door?


Stroll across the lawn now and up onto the porch and feast your eyes on this beautiful Irish fairy village in a planter box where the ground cover is absolutely thriving! Note the use of drift wood to give some interesting structure to this enchanting landscape.


Then moving right along…over here we have another intriguing fairy village featuring a beautiful cobblestone pathway which links the houses.


We’ll step out into the open air garden again and  wonder on over to the elfin realm!

Meet little green elf who lives in this beautiful stone castle created by Ann. It is guarded by a (not so ferocious) dragon…


Then we’ll follow the path along…see where it leads us…watch out for cheeky goblins and grumpy trolls though as I have heard they live in this neck of the woods!


Keep moving and we come to our first tree stump house. I wonder who lives here?


And further along we have the house next door with a lovely green front door.  A wise old tree spirit stands with book in hand. From here he watches over the entire garden.

That ends our tour today! We look forward to seeing what else Ann creates next.

Happy fairy gardening!

Ann & Fairy Kate xx

Please note all images have been used with permission and are copyright of Ann Baker and may not be used, copied or downloaded without her permission. Thank you.