Customer Spotlight: The Hope Family Fairy Garden

A Customer Fairy Garden Spotlight

Dearest Garden Sparklers & fairy gardening fans,

We regularly receive photographs and feed back from our customers detailing wondrous fairy garden creations and projects. We are literally blown away each day by what you send us! It is heart warming to know that YOU are all out there helping us make the world a more magical place and the best place to start is in your own back yard right!? Without further a due I wish to unveil our first Customer Spotlight. So stay tuned! Throughout the year we will be shining the spotlight on some of our favourite creations.  It will be a journey through magical back yards and enchanting fairy gardens…… Read on to find out how one lovely passionate mum has brought the magic of fairy gardening to life for her children.

Love Fairy Kate x

Our Family Fairy Garden

A Peek Inside the Hope Family Fairy Garden

By Heather Hope

And so our adventure began…..

A friend of ours had written to the fairies and asked that they come and live in the big old tree in their garden…and they did!! The fairies had even decorated the tree with fairy lights, a beautiful bird cage (like ours) for fairy mail to be delivered in. The fairies and their friends had moved in. My daughter’s Jasmine and Georgia loved to visit and play under the tree and each time on the way home they would mention how much they would love for the fairies to come and live with us.

We decided that since we didn’t have a tree suitable, that we could make a beautiful garden in a pot, in the hope that the fairies liked the look of it. We already had some purple pots at home however the paint was peeling off. The fairies were very helpful though. One night they revamped the pots with a fresh coat of paint!

We purchased beautiful plants from our local gardening store.  We chose a few $2.00 punnets with flowers, some ground cover and mondo grass (one punnet and then separated it). The final purchase was a lovely Fuschia plant in honour of my Nan. Fuschia reminds me of my childhood, time spent on her farm and in her garden. As kids we would always pick her Fuschia flowers – she had them in all different colors.

The girls helped me dig, plant and water the gardens….they helped design them and work out what plants went where. Even though some of the plants will only last a season, our plan is to do some ‘gardening’ for the fairies as things die off. We also added a smaller bright green pot to one of the gardens, to create some extra height and a point of interest.

DIY Fairy Garden In A Pot

I love to make a big fuss of things and try and create as much magic as I can with the girls (yes I am a big kid!)….so we have gone all out with the fairies! It’s fun to make a big deal about things, make the ordinary extraordinary. For extra decorations we up-cycled an old ‘enchanted’ teapot that we decided would be nice as a fairy home and interesting garden sculpture so planted some plants in and around it.  We reused old glass pebbles and collected stones from our back yard for extra decoration.


Our original plan was to create a ‘tea party’ in one of the pots and a fairy camping ground in the other…. which eventually would include a tee pee and a camp fire. Of course this is only just the beginning as we plan to create more fairy garden pots around our backyard once our home renovations are complete. We really went over the top and had fun researching lots of birthday party themes on Pinterest (which is where I ‘secretly’ researched fairy gardens and ideas). We researched dream catchers and made some for the fairies too.

Dream Catchers For The Fairies

We hung a beautiful bird cage above our fairy garden as a fairy mail box. W That way we could write letters and leave them in the bird cage for the fairies to find. e have found it to be a wonderful way of communicating with the fairies.


To create our tea party scene for the fairies we used Garden Sparkle’s ‘Enchanted Tea Party Kit’. We set up a special area where the fairies and their friends could enjoy a nice cup of tea. The kit included all of our favourite accessories such as the woodland table setting, a garland of miniature bunting, a fairy tea set, polymer clay fairy snacks (which we needed to keep dry), mini mushroom garden stakes,  and of course the fairies and their friends!

Fairy Garden Tea Party Kit

Then we wrote to the fairies and ever so  slowly the fairies started moving in.

DIY Fairy Garden In A Pot Australia

And so the days turn into weeks and the weeks into months…. the whole while special little treats and news additions have continued to appear in our fairy garden. On Easter morning lovely brown bunnies appeared along with a woodland basket filled with tiny carrots and a birds nest containing sparkling eggs!

Miniature Fairy Garden Supplies Australia

We have since expanded our fairy garden into a third pot to accommodate our new friend Mr Gnome. And so our adventure with miniature fairy gardening continues to inspire and enrich our lives…..


Fairy Garden in a Pot Project For The Whole Family

Here are my top tips on how to ensure that fairy magic is alive and well in your home.

  1. Allow the fairies to take their time in moving in. Our fairies took a LOOOOONG time. Each night they would move in a bit more and the girls would leap out of bed (this never happens!?) to see what had changed overnight.
  2. Encourage questions, brainstorming and problem solving. My girls ask a LOT of questions….so this has inspired many brainstorming sessions on what we will add next to our garden ie. …. do they need a ladder to get into the pot? How do they get from one pot to the other pot? Shall we build a bridge?
  3. Up-cycle everyday items from around the house and use them in your fairy garden. I plan to add some extra colour and sparkle to our garden with some old dangly earrings attached to a wire stand.
  4. Glitter is a must! The girls and I LOVE glitter so from time to time the fairies leave trails of glitter to let us know they have visited.
  5. Get creative! You’ll find a lot of brilliant ideas on Pinterest. I am about to build a miniature camp fire for the fairies, so now during the colder weather they can stay warm at night.
  6. Use the fairies to your advantage. Our fairies type letters addressed to my daughters reminding congratulating on jobs well done and reminding them of how important it is to help mum around the house, and to tidy up after you have finished playing.
  7. Treasure the tiny and share precious moments. Fairies love to leave little gifts for their human friends. Our fairies surprised my eldest on her birthday by gifting her 3 rose quartz stones, one for her and one to share with her friends. I love that she immediately chose her sister to receive one.

Keep the magic alive!


Our Family Fairy Garden