Customer Spotlight: Magical fairy gardens by Sis

Dearest Garden Sparklers & fairy gardening fans,

I’d like to present to you our third Customer Spotlight! Read on and be inspired by Sis one of our favourite local fairy gardeners (from Far North QLD). Delight in her creative fairy gardens and find out how she made a wonderful fairy pole and how you can too!

Love Fairy Kate xx

Customer Spotlight by Sis

Sis’ Magical Fairy Gardens

Wheelbarrow and broken pot fairy gardens! Sis has created some amazing fairy gardens. The fairy gardener’s boots are especially quirky!

Sis Fairy Garden Collage Large

Sis Fairy Garden Collage4

Sis Fairy Garden Collage large2

Sis Fairy Garden Collage3

Sis’ Smurf Pole

How adorable is this Smurf Pole?! Lovely idea Sis!

Smurf Pole Collage

smurf pole Collage2

Fairy Pole Tutorial

Hi there all my friends that are fairy and earth lovers. I made this super cool fairy pole for my parents who love to have quirky little talking points around their home and garden.

I collected the fungi on our property in the rainforest on the tablelands of Far North Queensland, off dead trees lying on the forest floor. You can buy the bamboo from any hardware store in the garden section.

Sis tutorial Collage

Attaching the fungi to the bamboo pole

  • Start by brushing off any rubbish then seal the funghi with an oil based lacquer.
  • Use a drill to make spaces to glue in a skewer (I use Liquid Nails).
  • Drill a hole through the bamboo pole just above the knuckle.
  • Attach the other half to the pole by doing the same thing as the first piece.
  • Tie it up with some string to keep it in place.
  • Leave it to dry overnight (you may have to put another skewer in the opposite direction for more strength.)
  • Give them all another good layer of lacquer.

Excellent you have finished the hard part! Now the fun begins!

Sis Tutorial Collage2

Plan your levels!

I like to start with the fairies that I like, then I try to picture the scene they are in. Lastly I look at each level and picture which scenes would look best on each level.

(Don’t panic! If you can’t picture the scene or you prefer to build around a certain accessory just start with the ones you can and the rest will fall into place.)


Attaching accessories to the fungi

Before we start let’s talk drills; I use both a battery drill and a Dermal, though either is fine as long as they can fit the correct drill bit sizes and have the power to drill through the material.

Ok so I drill holes in the bottoms of everything that needs to be attached firmly and into the fungi where they are to sit. By using a small piece of skewer like a piece of dowel I put glue (Tarzan grip) on one end and attach it to the accessory then the other end with an extra little dab where it will be placed and then push it in securely.

Sis tutorial Collage3

For anything like the glass beads I can’t drill in I use a stronger glue and make sure it is completely dry before doing any more work around them. (This can get a bit messy but that’s just part of the fun!)


Use natural materials from around your environment

Don’t be afraid to be a little creative!

I just love all the little accessories that Fairy Kate has at Garden Sparkle and her web site is amazing to browse through for inspiration from magical houses to fairies and the little finishing touches for a project! However, I love to get outdoors and get a little inspiration to put in a little of uniqueness, as you can see with the little fire place.

Sis Tutorial Collage4

(I made the fire place with little pieces of pink quartz, twigs and sphagnum moss that I coloured red with a water colour pencil dipped in water. Don’t worry the rubber band came off at the end it was just there to keep it in place till the glue dried.)

I am totally in love with the little crystal bridge I made as well!

Sis Tutorial Collage5

All coming together level by level!

This is the part where you put a bit of grass here a few mushrooms there, walk away hang out the washing, come back and think “Ohhh a tea set would just set that table off!”

I so am not a believer in “Less is more”. I think “More the merrier!!!!!!!!!”

Once you have done this a dozen times you then need to give the whole creation a couple of coats of lacquer. (If it’s in an area that is in direct sunlight it will stop all those vibrant colours from fading.)


Last but not least!

I always add a Gnome into my Fairy Poles as I believe they go hand in hand. On this one I have added some air plants as they’re one of my mum’s favourites, (I just attach them by their leafy area with a hot glue gun).

So it’s bye from me, happy creating!

Blessed Be,