Customer Spotlight: Jamie’s Story

Hi Garden Sparklers!

This month I’d like to share with you another Customer Spotlight. As most of you know, in addition to my online store I also run a Fairy Garden Stall at the monthly Tanks Markets in Cairns, Far North Queensland. For the past four years my stall has drawn in local and interstate fairy fans of all ages. It’s always such a  delight to see bright eyed children, so eager to embrace magical worlds, so filled with magnificent imaginings ….drawn into my stall like moths to a flame!  8 year old Jamie is one of those children. I asked him to write a blog post for me. This is his story…..

My name is Jamie and this story is about my miniature garden. It all started when my little sister Frankie got three mushrooms and two baby fairies from Garden Sparkle for Christmas to put in her garden. I decided I really wanted some mushrooms as well!

When the next Tanks Markets was on, I went to see the Garden Sparkle stall.  That day I got a fairy wren, a glow in the dark blossom lamp, and a seesaw.  I also met Fairy Kate while I was there and she asked if I’d like to arrange the miniature animals and rainbow mushrooms on her stall.  When I got home I checked out the Garden Sparkle website and got lots of good ideas for making a miniature garden in a pot.

The next stop was Bunnings to get some plants.  We asked the man at Bunnings what plants would work well and he suggested a grassy plant (that would grow and creep over things in the garden) and a bushy fern.  Dad then went to get some big round pots for the garden.  I also found some plants outside (moss and mondo grass), logs, stones (to make a wall) and fungi that I thought would be really good in the garden. And that’s how it all began!

Jamie's Miniature Garden Story - Fairy Garden Supplies

In my first garden I wanted to make a botanical garden that would be interesting for miniature animals to explore. After planting my plants, I made a track down the middle and at the end of the track I put a bridge going over a river, and a boat sailing down the river.

Make Your Own Fairy Garden - Fairy Garden Supplies

See if you can spot two turtles, an owl, a fairy wren, a ladybird, three flamingos and a dragon. The plants are called the ‘rare grassy hill’, the ‘amazon endangered fern’, the ‘dead winter tree’, and the ‘rare endangered mushroom poisonous log’ (that’s why there is a brick wall around it and it is guarded by a dragon). You might also be able to find hidden gems in the garden.

DIY Fairy Garden - How to Make  A Fairy Garden

My two gardens are connected by a rope ladder we made.

My Fairy Garden in A Pot

If you climb the rope ladder to the top garden you will first see a rainbow mushroom, and a mushroom log.

Fairy Garden  Story

This garden is the home of the animals. If you follow the green spotty stepping-stones (that my sister gave me for my birthday) you will reach the pineapple house. On each side of the house is a bonsai tree (Juniper pine and Port Jackson fig). There are lots of black rock paths in this garden, and most of them lead to the playground. In the playground there is a slide, a swing, a merry-go-round and a seesaw.

Jamie's Miniature Garden - Fairy Garden Supplies

Beside the house there is a little vegetable patch with pumpkins, beetroot, cabbages, potatoes and carrots. In this garden I have also included some things I have found outside like moss, rocks, fungi and a dead tree.

Jamie's Miniature Garden

I really enjoy designing and making miniature gardens and am already planning my third garden!  I get lots of ideas from the Garden Sparkle website, reading garden books, the Internet and visiting Fairy Kate and the Tanks Market (I still help her to set up her stall every month and arrange the miniature animals).

Thanks for reading my story,