Arty Crafty Indoor Fairy Play

Well folks we have been absolutely cooking in Far North Queensland of late! Absolutely cooking! So when it was just too hot for fairy play outside….we brought fairy play inside! So it’s with a squeeeeeel of excitement that I share with you our recent arty, crafty, indoor fairy play project! We just spent the weekend creating the most magnificent enchanted fairy castles with Miss 4 and Mr 6! The many hours of creative play have been priceless and continue each day. Of course you can adapt this project however you like. You might prefer to incorporate more recycled or natural materials as well as construction toys.

Materials needed:

  • A sturdy cardboard box for the base of the castle.
  • Cardboard cylinders from toilet rolls, kitchen towels etc
  • Bright and colourful craft supplies such as pom poms, pipe cleaners, pegs, buttons, beads, coloured felt, craft sticks and table scatters etc
  • A hot glue gun
  • Extra hot glue sticks
  • Fallen branches and natural found objects (leaves, sticks, pine cones and shells if you like).
  • Collection of favourite figurines (fairies, gnomes, dragons, animals) and miniature small world items such as furniture (table and stools) and structures such a pond. Many items fairy garden accessories can be used in imaginative small world play.

Fairy Craft Ideas

CONSTRUCTION TIME: We started with a sturdy cardboard box as the base and then built the walls of the castles using cardboard cylinders and hot glue. With a little help from us the children created clothes lines, elevators, secret trap doors, look outs, ladders and magical tunnels.

DECORATION & EMBELLISHMENTS: Once the children had finalised the structure and special features of their castles they let loose with decorating. Coloured felt became carpets, flap doors, curtains and colourful laundry. Gems and sparkly table scatters were glued on as grand decorations. Hot glue and wood glue were used to attach embellishments along with pegs to and thin pipe cleaners. Pom poms and giant furry pipe cleaners were a fun addition as well.

Miniature Fairy Play and Construction SMALL WORLD PLAY: And so it began……Miniature figurines were introduced. Fairies, gnomes, dragons and animals. They all moved into the castles. We used some accessories from our outdoor fairy garden such as tables and chairs, ponds and miniature plates with rainbow cake to name a few.

Fairy Castle Construction

I love the enchanting scenes and scenarios that developed during play…..making new friends, hellos, goodbyes, storytelling and ‘Hide and Seek’….

Creative Indoor Fairy Play

And oh the feating…tea parties, picnics, banquets and grand feasts!

Fairy Play - Small World Play - Craft Project

Then of course there were great explorations and discoveries….

Fairy Castle Construction and Play

Fairy Boy even braved the rainbow moat with his pet bear!

Indoor Fairy Garden Play

Meanwhile….the Adventure Fairies flitted on the rooftops and kept an eye on things from above….

Fairy Play - Craft Construction

And so each day ….the adventures, storytelling and imaginative play continues…..

We urge you to get creative with your family too! Feel free to share your magical ‘arty, crafty, indoor fairy play’ with us via our Facebook page or Email.

Love Fairy Kate xxx